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Simply fill out the form below as completely as possible and we will call or e-mail within a day or two. Please remember that we primarily buy 1 carat and larger fine, white diamonds and All Sizes of Fancy Colored Diamonds

Your information is secure; we do not share it with anyone! Safe Transaction as we meet you in your bank or attorney's office. Immediate top dollar paid with a direct wire transfer.

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Estate Diamond Buyers is one of the top diamond buyers in North America and offer our customers immediate payment and top dollar for their diamonds. We adhere to a policy of complete confidentiality, and payment with a direct wire transfer. Our diamond buying procedures are the best in the industry. If you wish to Sell Estate Jewelry click on on the appropriate menu item.

For Your Security, We Strongly Advise against supplying your full name and address when you are selling a diamond and recommend that you do not do business with anyone who requires that information.

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